• THURS. OCT. 26 (5 pm) thru SUN. OCT. 29 (1:30 pm)
  • Cascade Lodge & Cascade State Park
  • FOR: those married, engaged, or dating
  • ACTIVITY OPTIONS (in addition to talks): group or independent hiking, star-gazing, & fireside conversations; Saturday date night

This couples retreat is geared for those who want to deepen their understanding of the Theology of the Body and its direct application to Marriage as well as the light it shines on the unrepeatability of each person. Since many married couples express a desire to have learned more prior to taking their vows and dating couples have expressed a desire to learn more before they are actually engaged, this retreat covers the ground of an engaged couples’ “Pre-Marriage” retreat while being open to any couple who wants to dive deeper into the meaning of life, love, and Marriage.

NOTE: We are in the process of getting this retreat approved by each diocese in the state of Minnesota to count toward Marriage Preparation Retreat requirements. USCCB standards are woven into the content of the presentations and as a whole they flow from 7 years of developing Marriage Preparation Retreats for the Diocese of Crookston, MN.

Getting out into the original Cathedral of the outdoors and away from electronics allows time to chew on discussion topics as well as space to be with God and each other. This retreat will entail both time indoors (listening to talks) and time outdoors, where you can follow a leader or go off on your own to explore the shore of Lake Superior and the trails of Cascade State Park. The beauty of this lodge is that it’s surrounded by the state park, so getting on the trails is simply a matter of walking across the parking lot and getting to the lake is a matter of walking across the street!

Talks, discussion times, Mass and Eucharistic Adoration will be woven into each day – though the timing will vary and sometimes will be discerned as weather unfolds. We encourage you to take off your watch and receive all that the Lord has for you during this retreat!

Please do not bring electronic devices and put your phone completely away during the retreat; we want you to experience the great person you came with and the great outdoors without distraction! If your phone is your camera, make sure it is on airplane mode and scale back on how many pictures you take (savor the moments in person)! If you believe your phone will be a temptation, we are happy to hold it for you with the expectation that it will not be used unless there is an emergency or you want a few pictures.

To get the most out of your retreat weekend, please plan to join us for the entire retreat, from 5 pm on Thursday (you may check in as early as 3 pm) to 1:30 pm on Sunday. A friendly tip: take the extra time on Thursday and Sunday to explore other state park highlights along your drive! This will be a good warm up to enter in and a good time to process on the way home.

Participants may choose to stay in Cascade Lodge or camp in Cascade State Park (less than one mile from the Lodge); see the rate difference under the ‘costs’ tab. Married couples will have private rooms whereas unmarried couples will occupy rooms with 2 beds and be arranged with a roommate (men together, ladies together). If you are unmarried and camping but only own one tent, there are several small tents available to rent.

For unmarried couples without a private room, spaces for conversation include a large living room with a fireplace, a game room in the basement, the pub across the parking lot, the lake shore, and hiking trails. Even if you are camping, tents set up side by side provide no audio barrier to talking while warm in your sleeping bags. If this sounds strange or unnecessary, we encourage you to try it in order to honor the vows you hope to take in the future!

Chef-prepared gourmet meals will be provided for all participants (regardless of lodging or camping) from Thursday evening to Sunday lunch. Saturday evening is an optional “date night”, meaning you can opt to go out for a meal (Grand Marais, Lutsen, or Cascade Lodge’s pub) or we will provide a meal for those who opt to stay in. We can accommodate most allergies or sensitivities but please have a direct conversation with us when you first register.

Please read the trip checklist carefully first, then feel free to call or email us! We look forward to meeting you soon!

Rooms in Cascade Lodge or Camping in Cascade State Park
Please read the ‘Need to Know’ tab carefully for details on arrangements for married vs. unmarried couples.

You must make your own reservations & pay for campground sites
$350 – Early bird: register & pay $200 down by Aug. 28
$400 – Register & pay $200 down after Aug. 28 & by Sept. 23

$650 – Early bird: register & pay $200 down by Aug. 28
$700 – Register & pay $200 down after Aug. 28 & by Sept. 23

Send checks to the office to avoid fees; click link above for credit card payment but know that it will incur a fee.

$200 registration fee is non-refundable after Sept. 23; refund of remaining fee only in case of emergency. Final payment should be received one week prior to the start of the retreat.

1. Read the retreat information thoroughly, especially the “Need to Know” tab & the trip checklist!

2. Print the registration forms, fill them out, and sign or initial where needed (keep a copy for your records).

3. Mail to the office or scan the completed forms. Email scanned forms here.

4. Enclose payment via check (made out to Into the Deep) -OR- pay by credit card (note that there is an added fee for this option). $200 registration fee is non-refundable after Sept. 23; refund of remaining fee only in case of emergency.

You may hold your spots on the retreat by sending an email here, but if your registration materials and payment are not received within two weeks of your email date, the spots will be opened up to others.

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