This page is being built upon; soon it will be the home of recommended resources and printable handouts!  For now, these are the two resources created or contributed to by Jen Messing:

101 WAYS

Jen’s brochure, 101 Ways to Build Up Real Love and Show Affection, is printed and distributed by One More Soul.

The content uses fairly universal language so that it can be used with anyone from high school students to young adults to NFP-practicing couples.  It includes sections describing stages of dating, the vows taken in marriage, and the definitions of real love vs. lust.  The center contains over 100 ideas for spending time with the person you love.

Order copies here or call One More Soul: 800-307-7685


A program designed to reinforce parents’ role as primary educators, PUREly YOU! is a set of tools that help parents teach their children about body changes around the time of puberty.

Jen infused the materials with the positive language of the Theology of the Body and though geared for approximately 5th grade, parents are encouraged to learn this enlightening vocabulary and apply it (when it becomes appropriate) as their children grow from infancy and on through the teen years.

Explore their website to see the various components of the set, including conversation booklets for boys or girls, a parent guide, DVDs, and a PowerPoint for use in schools (covering basic, universal changes only, as well as virtues to grow into).

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