At the end of a rosary novena (culminating on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima in 2005), several concepts came together that I had been pondering.  During the third Luminous Mystery, the Proclamation of the Kingdom, I contemplated the phrase “duc in altum” – “cast out into the deep” – which was John Paul II’s call to the New Evangelization.  During the 4th mystery, the Transfiguration, I contemplated the scripture, “we shall see Him as He is” (1 John 3:2).

Since the main thrust of the Theology of the Body is diving into our identity as men and women made to love in the image of God, the combination struck me:  “INTO the DEEP”….  “I.D.”….  the double meaning of the acronym solidified that I had found the name of my future non-profit.

The tagline ‘who are we & why are we here?’ kept coming back as a both a question and a statement.  As a question, the universal desire to know the meaning of life is answered by coming to understand that we are destined to be as Christ was in the Transfiguration: radiantly united with God – body and soul – now and in eternity.   As a statement, it summarizes the very heart of understanding the Theology of the Body message.


I had always envisioned some sort of fingerprint to accompany the acronym “i.d.” in order to specifically draw out its reference to identity.  At some point the light had gone on that a simple fingerprint swirl could also be turned on its side to become a water ripple – a sign of our unrepeatable impact, as God has given each person to the world as a gift.  It took two pages of Sharpie marker swirls to get one that looked like the image in my head, but I have my friend, James Kegley, to thank for transforming it into an actual logo.

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