JEN MESSING has been speaking and leading theology of the body-based retreats in both outdoor and traditional settings around the United States since 2002.  She has experience with injecting the universal language of the theology of the body into a wide range of populations and subject matter, showing how real and applicable it is in everyday life.

Jen received a Master of Theological Studies from Ave Maria University’s Institute for Pastoral Theology and is pursuing a certificate through the Theology of the Body Institute.  Her undergraduate degree is in Social Work and she is a graduate of the NOLS Pacific Northwest Outdoor Educator course.

Jen co-founded the Frassati Society of MN in 2002 and in 2012 founded  Into the Deep.  Her passion is teaching people of all ages about the greater story behind life, love and the dignity of each human person.  Jen is a parishioner of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

On a more personal note…

My first exposure to the the Theology of the Body involved cassette tapes of Christopher West on a roadtrip to North Dakota.  I listened to them twice (and many times after that) knowing immediately – like so many others – that this language held the core answers to all the big questions in life.  When I started studying the book for the first time, it took me a year to pronounce “eschatological” without stopping midstream.  I owe much to those who explained all the big theological and philosophical terms to me – people with much greater degrees than I – and so I now put myself at the service of those who want the heart of the message in everyday, applicable language.



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