From 2002 onward Jen has been presenting to a wide variety of audiences about the basic catechesis behind the Theology of the Body – applying it and teaching others how to explain who we are as persons, what it means to love, and how these both impact our actions.  Audiences have included grade school children, teens, Confirmation students, college students, engaged couples, parents, educators, diocesan employees, NFP instructors and crisis pregnancy counselors.

These titles and descriptions can be adjusted appropriately for the audience at hand; they only serve as an informational starting point to discuss what would best serve your group. 

“Who are we and why are we here?”

Used as the launching point of every presentation I give, this talk covers the baseline Theology of the Body concepts, set within the context of the universal storyline of salvation history.  It can be adjusted for a variety of populations, including teens, young adults, or teachers.

“Applying Theology of the Body language to difficult topics”

Using “free, total, faithful, and fruitful” and “gift of self” as the criteria for loving as God loves, this talk explores how to apply Theology of the Body language when addressing major moral teachings of the Catholic Church and issues of chastity.

“Building Blocks: bringing the Theology of the Body to every age group and classroom”

This seminar walks through the fundamental vocabulary that can be used to succinctly explain the main concepts of the Theology of the Body to a wide spectrum of learners (first graders, RCIA classes, one-hour-per-week Religious Education students, secular clients, etc.).  Emphasis will be on the common ground of every age group, how it integrates with our “storyline” (salvation history), and key points that get to the heart of difficult application questions.

“Male & Female He Created Them: a Theology of the Body Couples Retreat

This evening retreat explores the meaning of being made “equal but different” by covering the common-ground elements of personhood, the call to give and receive love, and the beauty of our unrepeatability.  The weekend version is a complete Marriage Preparation retreat, with talks on the Theology of the Body, the Sacrament of Marriage, Moral Issues & NFP, Temperaments, Love Languages, Communication, and Prayer Life (an optional Finance video can also be added).  This retreat can be open to singles or couples (dating, engaged, or married) who are pondering the meaning of Marriage.

“The Theology of the Body and Sacraments”

Starting with an overview of salvation history and fundamental concepts of the Theology of the Body, this talk dives into the reality of our body-soul personhood and how God gives us physical-spiritual strength for life through each Sacrament.  This talk can be adjusted for students or teachers of Confirmation classes, Marriage Prep courses, and other types of Sacramental preparation.

“Keeping it real: personhood and vocational discernment”

Remembering what it means to be a body-soul person made in the image of God can go a long way in understanding vocation options and discerning God’s call.  This talk explores the similarities and differences of the two major Vocations, wades through a few common pitfalls of discernment, and re-centers the conversation on the ultimate goal of making a total gift of self – no matter what your state in life.


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