Each academic year, Into the Deep hosts a book study geared for lay people to work through the dense theological and philosophical language of the theology of the body; no prior study is necessary.  In order to dig into the details of the reading and keep the discussion in context, we read the text out loud together and discuss questions, content, vocabulary, and application.

The studies are lead by Jen Messing, MTS, and we alternate between the original texts of St. John Paul II: Man and Woman He Created Them and Love and Responsibility.

Man and Woman He Created Them is the text containing all 129 “Wednesday Audiences” delivered between 1979 and 1984, as well as several that were brought to light after his death by translator Michael Waldstein.  We read 2 audiences per meeting; major themes include:

  • who we were made to be as male and female from the beginning
  • living in the knowledge that we are redeemed by Christ – not just fallen
  • living out our vocation as givers and receivers of God’s free, total, faithful, and life-giving love
  • glimpsing in a small way – through our bodies and our actions – who God is and what He has in store for us in Heaven

Love and Responsibility is St. John Paul II’s important precursor to the theology of the body.  Major themes include love, lust, use, understanding the sex drive, shame, and chastity.   We utilize the 2013 translation by Grzegorz Ignatik and read approximately 10 pages per meeting.


  • TIME:  Monday evenings, 6:30 – 8:30 pm (dates announced each year, check the calendar)
  • LOCATION:  the 3rd floor meeting room in the office building where Into the Deep is located: 2817 Anthony Lane S, Minneapolis, MN 55418.
  • COST: participants contribute snacks, volunteer 5 hours of time for Into the Deep, OR donate $50 for the duration of the study group.
  • Though it isn’t as personal as sitting around a table with us and brings with it a few glitches, a webinar option is also available for $50.
  • Snacks and hot drinks (as well as a microwave) are available if you are coming straight from work!
  • Maximum of 12 participants; feel free to come and see if it’s a good fit for you but please RSVP.
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